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Plastic magnet nets procede adequate equations between pools of sadness that are said to have been too great repelling down the scowls of pelletized Rubber tree mapping maples of magnificent motes smoldering in active decadence actualizing triples tripwires traversing trapezoidal trains of drains sleepily slinking soupy soufflé sanded into sand-hands and canned-pans, koala bears and kiwi's board-game pieces attract attenuation for the purposes of skiff-captains holding their knots throughout the percipience understanding each turn and jam understates the leaches breaching borscht beyond the microwave macro wheels of neon kinetics held to lingonberry ligaments with vigor and venison zeal as the points protrude puncturing whiskey wombats like worn whalers in their own sweet swath across the seizure of the snow-sure salience, you were never expelled, never even attracted to the loom of subtle, intricate spheres clawing through gentle mash.

5 Nov 16

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https://youtu.be/m-H0uIH5HH Q

that's entertainment - the jam

like your election :./

 — PollyReg