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I Will Always Be There

Everyday I think about you
I couldn’t live without you
Don’t you know how much it hurts
When you just disappear
When you were young I held your hand
I never knew a love like that
We were happy
If only for a little while
Remembering the times we shared
And when it seemed like no one cared
I’m so very sorry
That I had to go
I wish I could go back in time
And spare you from this life
It breaks my heart to see you cry
It breaks my heart to see you
I will always be there
I’m all alone when you’re not with me
Things that no one else could give me
You’re my everything
You made me, me again
I believe in you completely
Promise that you’ll never leave me
And know sometimes it’s true
That I still need you too
Everyday I think about you
I couldn’t live without you
Don’t you know how much it hurts
When you just disappear

28 Aug 16

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Almost all of my posts has a "comment suspended by moderator" and I don't even see most of them. I have never understood people who say negative things on this site. Sorry you are mediocre and not very talented but work more on your own self and unless you have a valid critique just shut up. Nobody wants to hear your crap. You are cowards.
 — Rely

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I am getting in love with your website. Here I found so many heart touching poem like this one. I read one poem every day from this site. I am thinking to sing this one with music. The essay on time was my lyrics writer. They have written several lyrics which I want to share here.  Thank you very much for writing this heart touching poem.
 — Jacob