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Cigarette candy.

You blister my brain and sear my soul.
You boost me up to devour me whole.
Can you see through my thick ashen mask?
Oh, what a delightfully burdensome task.
To take the bait with selfish desire.
Oh so blindly I stoke the fire.
I sometimes catch you in my head, and it is these thoughts I seem to dread.
I find it pathetic, that I still dwell, but what can I say you seemed, so, swell.
I never knew what to think, so in the silence I started to sink.
At a loss for words, and a will to live.
It was a clue, I could not give.
I sometimes wonder what could have been.
I'll be sure to never choke again.

Curiosity killed the cat?

20 Apr 10

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I like it!  :)
 — vida

Thank you.
 — Seanote

enjoyed reading. good job.
 — collx

good read
 — psychofemale

Thank you much.
 — Seanote

Sounds like a prayer......
 — unknown

I suppose in a way it kind of does.
 — Seanote

 — unknown

Could you expound please?
 — Seanote

I love this!!! Great job!:)
 — Bookworm

 — Seanote