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Poetry Critical is moderated with a light touch — while the site is intended to be a no-holds-barred forum for discussion and critique, certain behaviors will not be tolerated and may lead to the permanent deletion of poems, posts, comments, or even your account. Such offenses can be grouped under the category "abuse of the site" — no poet will be removed based on the content of their poetry or critique as long as the postings are made with earnestness and tact.

These offenses include: direct or repeated attacks on a user or group of users, including use of racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs; spamming of the forum or comments area; plagiarism; the creation of multiple accounts in order to abuse the ratings system or circumvent the poem posting limit.

(These guidelines are, of course, non-exhaustive. Any user or post may be removed at the discretion of the site moderators for any reason. Don't worry, though — Poetry Critical is not a place taken by strict ettiquete rules. Use common sense and you'll be fine.)

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